Dog Shampoo Soap Bar

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This FRESH, CLEAN soap is perfect for cleaning your dirty, stinky, smelly dog! Contain the essential oils of peppermint, lavender, tea tree and cedarwood.

Perfect ALL NATURAL alternative to those chemical filled dog and flea shampoos. This bar lathers wonderfully, but unlike the store bought shampoos, rinses away like a DREAM! No need to waste time trying to keep your pooch in the tub any longer than needed....just a few quick rinses and you're done! And what you are left with is a great smelling dog, with a soft, silky coat and a happier dog too!  

Only the highest quality oils and essential oils are used! Think you love the scent too much to use it on your 4-legged friend? Not a problem....feel confident knowing that you can safely use it too!